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All you need to know about Easemoni Loan and Easemoni Loan App. Do you need where you can apply for a loan without putting up any collateral because you need money instantly? Do you need a loan but do not wish to endure the strain of going to the bank? Easemoni is a platform where you may obtain rapid loans in a matter of minutes. You can get instant loans without collateral from Easemoni, one of Nigeria’s most well-known loan service providers. You are no longer concerned about borrowing money from banks thanks to the Easemoni platform.

Easemoni Loan App

You can apply for instant loans with Easemoni, a Nigerian lending service provider, at any time and from any location. In essence, this loan app gives you a loan without requiring any kind of collateral or even having to visit their office in person. Simply download their mobile application to your phone to start the loan application process. You’ll get the loan you requested in ten minutes.

Additionally, regardless of whether you are a new or returning customer, this platform gives you the opportunity to request for a loan of N1,000,000 (one million naira). However, if you use the app frequently and make your loan repayments on time, your credit score will rise.

Is EaseMoni a Registered Loan App?

EaseMoni is a registered loan app with a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Millions of clients have continued borrowing money from EasiMoni over the past six months. Easy and rapid approval, no collateral required, borrow money online whenever you need it!

Easemoni Loan Requirements

You must fulfill a number of requirements in order to submit a successful loan application on this platform. These requirements include:

  1. You must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria.
  2. You have to be between the ages of 20 and 55.
  3. You need a steady source of revenue. In essence, this enables them to thoroughly analyze your loan application and establish the maximum amount you are permitted to borrow.
  4. Your personal information you provided during registration must be accurate.

How to Repay Your Loan

Easemoni have done everything to make it simple for you to pay back your loan. Here are several options for repaying the loan.

  • The platform will automatically deduct the required amount from your bank card on the repayment date. Make sure the card has enough money on it before the due date.
  • You can click on the “Repay button,” you can make a payment through bank transfer.

How Can I Register on Easemoni?

To register on Easemoni loan app, follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the Easemoni mobile app and install it.
  2. Next, launch the app and enter your basic details.
  3. Lastly, apply for your loan and wait for the approval.

How can I apply Easemoni Loan and get Approved?

The process below states how you can apply for Easemoni loan and get instant approval.

  1. Download the Easimoni mobile application and install it on your mobile phone, set it up, and finish the registration procedure.
  2. After selecting the product for which you wish to apply, fill in the required information, and then submit your application.
  3. Finally, watch for your loan application to be verified and approved. Once the platform has approved your loan request, electronically sign the loan agreement to get the money right away.

There is a good possibility that your loan application will be accepted if you follow the instructions above and have everything you need. Additionally, you must confirm that the phone number you provide to apply matches the one you use to get alerts. This makes it possible for the platform to swiftly establish your creditworthiness.

How long does the application process take?

The Easemoni loan application procedure takes a short while. Simply enter the data as directed on the page, and we will provide the approval result immediately.

How Your Loan Decision is Made

The platform uses information from your phone, such as information about your handset, financial transaction messages, and the purpose of the loan. These are added to your loan repayment history by Easemoni in order to create an individual credit score and choose the best loan offer for you.

What is Easemoni’s interest rate?

Interest Rate: APR60% to 120%, monthly rate of 5% to 10%. The evaluation of your credit has a significant impact. For instance, the interest rate on a 91-day loan payment term is 5% per month. Your interest would be ₦273 for the loan that was processed with a principle amount of ₦3,000. Essentially, this means that there would be ₦3,273 total outstanding.

Easemoni App Loan Tenure

You must start repaying your Easemoni loan anywhere between 91 and 365 days after it is due. In essence, this indicates that you have a grace period of about three months. Be aware that the length of your loan will depend on how much you borrowed.

How to Download Easemoni Loan App

Here are some easy steps to download this app and start your application:

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android device first.
  • After that, look up “Easemoni” and download the application.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, start the registration process and after you’re done, submit a loan application.

Is Easemoni Available for iPhone or Apple Store?

At the moment, Easemoni is not available in the Apple Store or for iPhone users. However, android users can always visit Goole Play Store to download the Easemoni app.

How to Contact Easemoni

You can contact Easemoni using the contact details below:

  • Office Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Customer Service Email: [email protected]
  • Customer Service Hotline: (+234)9087614150
  • Whatsapp customer number: (234)8073634739


Easemoni is just a loan application. The main purpose of Easemoni is to lend money to Nigerians. You can quickly obtain a loan of N1,000,000 using this app without putting up any security. Overall, as long as you can repay your loan on time, this software is valid and appropriate for use. Learn more about Loan Apps in Nigeria.

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